The First Gorilla to be Born in a Zoo Has Died in Ohio


Colo, the first gorilla to be born in a zoo (anywhere in the world), has died at age 60.

Born to international fanfare, Colo spent her life at the Columbus Zoo. She had children there, and lived to be a great-great-gorilla-grandmother. Over the years, her birthday parties were major events at the zoo; her keepers would place cake and presents around her.

According to zoo officials, tomatoes were her favorite food.

"She was the coolest animal I've ever worked with and caring for her was the highlight of my career," assistant curator Audra Meinelt said in a public statement. "It was not just about what she meant to the gorilla community but for whom she was as a gorilla. I'm heartbroken but also grateful for the 19 years I had with Colo."

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