Naloxone Injector Price Skyrockets to $4,500


Kaleo, the company that produces an "auto-injector" for naloxone doses, has jacked up the price on its signature product over the years from $690 to $4,500. It's not the only injector on the market, but it "talks" users through the process of administering naloxone doses, which makes it particularly attractive.

The Kaleo product exists in the same ecosystem as the drug that's become synonymous with the fight against the opiate overdoses epidemic.

From Health Care Finance:

According to Food and Drug Administration estimates, the Kaleo product, which won federal approval in 2014, accounted for nearly 20 percent of the naloxone dispensed through retail outlets between 2015 and 2016, and for nearly half of all naloxone products prescribed to patients between ages 40 and 64 — the group that comprises the bulk of naloxone users.

Naloxone itself has increased in price on a basic level from $0.92 to $15.80 per dose (between 2005 and 2014).

ABC reports that Kaleo began as a company with an intent to develop an EpiPen competitor. Not too long ago, Mylan and Martin Shkreli came under fire for dramatically increasing the price of that product.

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