The Nightlight Cinema in Akron to Screen New Documentary About Burlesque


Promising that it explores "real burlesque," the new documentary film Glitter Tribe looks at how and why performers got started on the "burlesque trail." As one dancer interviewed in the movie puts it, "It's all about telling our stories."

The film addresses the various "demons" that the artists have faced and conquered and includes footage of their costume creations and rehearsals as well.

Part of the New York Film Critics Film Series, a regular series of ongoing preview screenings that takes place in about 50 selected major markets, the movie shows at 7 p.m. on Feb. 20 at the Nightlight in Akron.

After the screening, film critic Shawn Levy will host a Q&A with director Jon Manning and key cast dancers.

Each New York Film Critics Film Series event aims to "bring the energy and VIP nature of prestigious, New York screenings for nationwide audiences."

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