Arco Recycling Will Appeal Ohio EPA's Order to Shut Down Operations


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Arco Recycling, which is operating a dump on Noble Road in East Cleveland, was ordered by the Ohio EPA to stop taking in anymore housing demolition materials and to cease operations completely. The dump owners did not comply in time, and the case was sent over to the Ohio Attorney General for further oversight.

Now, Arco is appealing the order. A hearing is set for March 1 in Columbus. WCPN's Nick Castele noticed that fascinating item on an EPA docket this morning.

Oddly enough, the fresh issue of Scene hitting Northeast Ohio streets this morning is emblazoned with a feature story on Arco Recycling. We spent the past few weeks talking with residents on Noble Road and looking at East Cleveland City Council records, along with various reports from the Cleveland Division of Air Quality and the Ohio EPA, to figure out how in the the hell a four-story mountain of poisonous materials grew in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Some residents celebrated the Ohio EPA's Jan. 17 order. Within a few days, though, wariness pervaded the neighborhood once again.

"We have to remain vigilant," Devin Branch, an outspoken resident and a frequent critic of the current mayoral administration, said. "We have to remember that there's a huge, huge journey between now and the actual completion of the removal of this dump. We have to make sure that we insist on the hasty removal of this dump, but in a manner that protects the health and welfare of the people of the city of East Cleveland and the people of surrounding communities."

Noble Road resident Willie Morrow summed it up more succinctly: "A whole lotta hell gonna break loose."

We'll be watching how this appeal shakes out.


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