Ohio is Rolling Out More Rules on Medical Marijuana Law


The Ohio Board of Pharmacy is providing more details in its proposed rules that will govern the medical marijuana policies in the state. This week, the board announced a fairly restrictive cap on the amount of medicinal "plant material" that patients can purchase: six ounces of bud with THC content under 23 percent or four ounces with THC content above 23 percent — in a 90-day period.

Those amounts rank among the most conservative medical marijuana rules, compared to other states who've undertaken this sort of law. The board's own documentation shows how they arrived at the number, mostly citing safety. There was a pretty interesting little discussion, too, about marijuana tolerance and how patients will self-identify their own levels of experience or naivete with respect to the plant.

Recall also that smoking medical marijuana will be illegal in Ohio. The whole idea is to vape it, eat it or use a transdermal patch.

The board is open to public comment through March 10.

Read up on everything the state's Medical Marijuana Control Program has been working on so far.


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