NBC Nightly News Covers Growing Heroin Epidemic in Ohio with a Family Destroyed By Addiction: VIDEO


Roger T. Winemiller of Wayne Township, Ohio - NBC
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  • Roger T. Winemiller of Wayne Township, Ohio
There's no shortage of data points in the quest to accurately convey the magnitude of Ohio's heroin overdose epidemic. A recent CDC report, for example, states that, on average, nine people fatally overdosed on heroin in Ohio every day in 2015. The problem continues to get worse.

Just last month, here in Cuyahoga County, the medical examiner registered at least 60 overdose deaths, more than any other single month in county history.

With the narrative becoming impossible to ignore, NBC Nightly News offers us this dispatch from Wayne Township, Ohio, near Cincinnati. Watch the video below.

Roger Winemiller has lost a daughter and a son to heroin — and his other son, Roger T. Winemiller, remains an active heroin addict seeking help.

The report concludes with the younger Winemiller being driven to an outpatient treatment center, where he receives counseling and doses of Suboxone. He tells NBC Nightly News that he's feeling optimistic, a bittersweet departure from the chain of tragedy that led him to this point.
His father says that he hopes Roger will be the success story that his family so desperately needs.

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