Fresh and Meaty Burgers Tastefully Fill Void Between Fast Food and Sit-Down


God bless Fresh and Meaty Burgers (13187 Cedar Rd., 216371-4400). Most of us love a good quality hamburger, but the only options tend to be unwholesome fast food joints or places that compel us to sit down and order from a server. The lack of local, independent places that land somewhere in the middle is staggering.

Fresh and Meaty opened in a corner spot in Cleveland Heights that has seen more than its share of come-and-go restaurants. But here since fall, this place seems to be holding its own thanks to a simple and appealing approach to food. They sell burgers, mainly, and they start with fresh patties that are cooked to order.

“We are a traditional American hamburger stand," says owner Gerald Hood. "What that means is that we don't put nothing on burgers that don't belong on burgers."

F&M offers three patty sizes, giving diners total control over burger and portion size. There’s a little bitty 3-ounce “baby,” a 6-ounce “meaty,” and half-pound “king.” Diners can double-up any of those sizes except the baby, making a hefty stack, and can even swap the beef for fresh ground turkey.

The rustic, hand-formed patties are cooked on a flattop, slid onto a toasted bun, and automatically topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard, mayo, pickles and relish unless otherwise requested. Thick-cut, skin-on spuds are fried to order and dusted with a salty spice mix.

The prices are more than reasonable for the freshness, quality and portion of the food.

Next time you're in the area and hankering for a great burger, give them a try.

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