Local Artist Whose Twisted Paintings Appear in Horror Flick Will Introduce Film at Capitol


Ethan Embry in The Devil's Candy, playing Friday and Saturday at the Capitol Theatre.
  • Ethan Embry in The Devil's Candy, playing Friday and Saturday at the Capitol Theatre.
This Friday and Saturday, the Capitol Theatre will screen the indie satanic possession flick The Devil's Candy, which we reviewed this week. A local artist whose paintings play a central role in the film will give an introduction before the Saturday screening at 9:45 p.m.

In the film, the main character, Jesse (Ethan Embry) is a heavy-metal-loving visual artist in Texas. In the real world, painter Stephen Kasner, a native of Old Brooklyn, produced nearly 30 paintings for the film, at least one of which was more than seven feet tall.

Kasner suffers from chronic pain due to an unusual medical condition, and had been inactive in the art world since 2010. He released a statement this month saying that his work on The Devil's Candy was therapeutic — in fact, life-saving — for him.

"I’m extremely proud of the work I produced for the movie," Kasner said. "And I believe that the paintings, particularly the central ‘transforming’ painting, is extremely unique as it becomes one of the main characters in the story. This is a scenario only realized in a handful of films throughout cinema history, and I am grateful to have my work connected to that great legacy."

The painting in question is indeed transformed: Jesse, under Satanic influence, turns a bucolic butterfly scene into a fiery hellscape, complete with howling children and Sauron-ish eyeballs.  

Tickets to see The Devil's Candy are $9.75 for adults and $8.75 for students with valid ID. Tickets are on sale at the Capitol Theatre or online at clevelandcinemas.com.

Additionally, Kasner has scheduled an exhibition of new original work to be shown at the HEDGE Gallery at 78th Street Studios from July 21 - September 2. He'll share the floor with local artist Justin Brennan.

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