How Noisy Is It Around Cleveland? A New Interactive Map Has the Answers

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  • Screenshots via Bureau of Transportation Statistics.
Want to know how loud your neighborhood is? There's now an interactive map for that.

The U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics debuted a noise map last week. As originally reported by NPR, the map was made with tools and information collected by the Federal Highway Administration and Federal Aviation Administration to determine average daily noise levels from transportation.

The map displays areas in different colors, block by block, depending on the degree of noise each address typically experiences. Red's the loudest, then orange, yellow, etc.

Type in your state or your city, and you can see a visual of how loud it is in comparison to surrounding areas.
Like every big city, Cleveland endures noise greater than the surrounding countryside. That has everything to do with trucks and highways and construction, and maybe even your annoying neighbor who just got an electric guitar.


No surprise: areas surrounding Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (above) and the Burke Lakefront Airport run the loudest.

It's not perfect, but on a broad level, this interactive map should give you a good sense of how much transit noise affects any given street or major thoroughfare.

If you're not happy with the information you find, just be glad you don't live in Los Angeles, which is basically one big splat of orange and yellow and red.

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