This Ohio Love Bird Didn't Quite Think Through His Spray-Painted Marriage Proposal


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  • Sheffield Lake police photo
In the end, her answer was "yes," and in the larger scheme of things, that's the most important.

For Kyle Stump, a Sheffield Lake man who, in this grand romantic gesture, asked his now-fiancee to marry him by spray painting the side of a building he didn't own, perhaps that answer makes his actions worthwhile.

After writing the words "Michelle marry me I love you 3-17-17 Familia" two weeks ago, Stump was tracked down by authorities and hit with two counts of criminal mischief for graffiti.

Sheffield Lake officers were able to find the 23-year-old love bird after an anonymous Facebook tip, News 5 Cleveland reported. It didn't help that the romantic red tagging matched a sample of Stump's writing already on file.

While the graffiti has already been removed from the 30-foot Shoreway Shopping Center wall, police told News 5 Cleveland that Stump may receive community service hours for his admitted crimes.

"They’re thinking about having him paint some fire hydrants, since he was painting red, he can paint the fire hydrants red and make our city look a little better," said Sheffield Lake police officer Andrew Kory.


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