WKYC Lawsuit Forces Autopsy Release: Lafeyette Township Trustee Bryon Macron Was Stabbed Multiple Times


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Lafayette Township trustee Bryon Macron was stabbed multiple times, according to the Medina County Coroner's Office. He disappeared last December under mysterious circumstances, and his body was found in Chippewa Lake on Feb. 21.

For weeks, though, the coroner's office was refusing to release the autopsy results in this case, citing apparent jurisdictional issues. Now, they've been publicly released thanks only to a civil complaint filed by none other than Cleveland's own WKYC.

The report also suggests that Macron may have defended himself in some sort of physical altercation, according to his wounds.

"At this point, we have nothing to indicate whether or not a murder has been committed," Medina County prosecutor Forrest Thompson told WKYC, saying that the decision is up to investigators. (The report doesn't draw the conclusion that Macron died, necessarily, because of the stab wounds.) Thompson insisted that he and the county were "not reluctant" to share this information.

The toxicology report has yet to be completed.

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