Cuyahoga County Jail Officer Demoted After Sharing Video of Faulty Cell Door Locks With Media



Back in late 2016 a video appeared on Fox 8 that showed at least two cell doors at the Cuyahoga County Jail that could be unlocked by inmates with something as simple as a plastic spoon. It's been an ongoing problem dating back years now and despite the County's assurances that they've been fixed officers say many locks remain suspect.

Charles Campbell, the officer who shot the video, has now been demoted from corporal to corrections officer for his efforts. County spokesperson Mary Louise Madigan told Fox 8 the demotion was due to "not reporting the problems through proper channels."

Officers are calling bullshit on that explanation, for what it's worth: Complaints about the doors have literally been ongoing through official (union grievances) and unofficial (just general chatter) for far longer than the County would like to admit. The idea that Campbell hustled the video out to the media before or instead of revealing his concerns to management is laughable.

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