Record-Breaking CIFF Will Return to Tower City in 2018


The Cleveland International Film Festival does nothing but break attendance records.

Over the course of its two-week run, CIFF, which concluded Sunday night, tallied 106,504 total attendees. That's up from the record-breaking 102,255 who attended last year.

And there was more exciting news at the closing ceremonies around the Tower City fountain last night: CIFF executives announced that Tower City would play host to the annual festival once again in 2018. (April 4-15, to be exact.) The news comes despite uncertainty about Tower City's future after the sale of the landmark building to Bedrock Detroit last year.

CIFF award-winning films were also announced.

The big kahuna, the Roxanne T. Mueller Audience Choice Award, went to Big Sonia, a documentary about a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor evicted from her tailor shop. (You can view all the CIFF award winners here).


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