Fake Movie Money Strikes Again, This Time in Unsuspecting Mentor-on-the-Lake


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Fake $100 bill used at Wilbert's downtown in June, 2016.
  • Fake $100 bill used at Wilbert's downtown in June, 2016.
In sleepy Mentor-on-the-Lake, fake "for motion picture use only" bills have been discovered at multiple establishments, including a thrift store, prompting local police to warn businesses that they should double check the cash they receive for payment.

Channel 5 reports that fake $20 bills were used for a queso purchase at Burrito Loco. Subsequently, fake bills were discovered at an area Wendy's and the Second Chance Thrift Store. (Small-time crooks, to be sure.)

Police say it's possible that the bills were originally used on set of any number of movies filming in the Cleveland area; but it's also possible that the fake currency is being manufactured.

That would be truly dumb and unlikely, though: The whole point of manufacturing fake money is making it look real. Only the dimmest of criminal bulbs would paint "For Motion Picture Use Only" on a forgery.

Still, we'll be keeping our ears to the ground on this one.

We broke the hot story last year that fake movie money had struck a downtown bar. (Talk about the fate of the furious, am I right?) The above photo came to Scene via Wilbert's, where the owner discovered the fake bill in his register after a busy day.

"Movie production is so great for our city!" He said at the time.


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