Whereabouts of Facebook Shooter Still Unknown, Police Alert Residents in Nearby States


Steve Stephens
  • Steve Stephens
At around midnight, the Cleveland Division of Police issued a press release advising that an aggravated murder warrant had been issued for Steve Stephens, the 37-year-old man who recorded himself shooting and killing a man earlier Sunday and who posted the video to Facebook.

But more importantly, after following up on leads all afternoon and evening, Cleveland police had not yet identified Stephens' location. Police asked that residents of Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and Michigan be on alert because the suspect "may be out of state."

Cleveland.com reported earlier in the hour that Stephens had likely turned off his cell phone, which made him more difficult to track.

Police Chief Calvin Williams, in a press conference early Sunday evening, said of the manhunt, "We need to bring this to a conclusion today." He urged Stephens to turn himself in. Despite that message, and despite the enormous national attention being paid to the crime, Stephens remains on the loose

The suspect is still considered armed and dangerous. He is 6'1", 240 lbs, and bald with a full beard (pictured above). He was thought to be driving a white Ford Fusion sedan with temporary license plate number E363630. (Police advised that he may have changed his plates). Cleveland.com reported that police had been searching vacant homes in Glenville for additional bodies, following up on Stephens' claims in another video, but 74-year-old Robert Godwin Sr., who was shot on E. 93rd St. just south of I-90, remains the only known victim.

The one other bit of news to report is a slight correction to earlier reporting. Though both local and national outlets (and the police themselves) characterized the homicide of Robert Godwin Sr. as having been "streamed on Facebook Live," the video was in fact pre-recorded.

Facebook confirmed to Scene that though Stephens did go live "at one point during the day," the murder was not broadcast live. "It was  uploaded."

Facebook provided no information about how much time elapsed between the recording and the posting.

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