Rock Hall to Screen the Late Jonathan Demme's Film About Inductees in July


Late last year, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced a series of renovations. One of the “long-term” renovations included what the museum dubbed “The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Signature Experience.”

Those enhancements will combine improved Inductee exhibits with a signature multimedia presentation production by Oscar-winning filmmaker Jonathan Demme.

Yesterday, the talented Demme, who directed concert films such as Stop Making Sense and Neil Young: Heart of Gold as well as the drama Silence of the Lambs and a slew of other fantastic films, passed away at age 73.

He had completed his film for the Rock Hall, however, and it will make its debut on July 1.

"Jonathan had a keen ability to meld his passion for music and storytelling in works that showed us the world in a new light," says Rock Hall president and CEO Greg Harris in a statement. "It was an honor to have worked with him on one of his last projects."

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