Tea Taste Democracy and Upside Down Objects Artist Speaks Tonight at Spaces


Based in Brooklyn, New York, Yoko Inoue has been Spaces' SWAP artist in residence for the past few months; her residency is up on May 12. During her time in Cleveland, Inoue has researched the Cleveland Museum of Art's Japanese collection, particularly pertaining to former director Sherman Emory Lee.

The museum's longtime director was a "Monuments Man" in Japan during the post-WWII occupation and did important work in the protection and inspection of Japanese artwork, artifacts and cultural properties. Inoue's exhibition, Tea Taste Democracy and Upside Down Objects, juxtaposes Lee's scholarly understanding of Japanese cultural identity against the widely circulated kitsch figurines stamped "Made in Occupied Japan" and sold to America's middle class as home decor.

As part of the exhibition, Inoue has worked with the Cleveland Institute of Art's ceramics department to create a series of figurines that question these objects' contemporary value and relevance. Learn more from the artist herself from 6:30 to 8 tonight as Spaces hosts an evening with the artist. Admission is free.

2900 Detroit Ave., 216-621-2314, spacesgallery.org

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