Ekoostik Hookah Brings Its Hookahville Fest Back to Nelson Ledges


The grandfathers of Ohio's expansive jam band scene — culturally and musically — have always maintained close ties to the Cleveland area. From 1991's Under Full Sail to 2013's sweetly groovin' Brij, Ekoostik Hookah have kept their fire burning across time.

Check out "Whiskey Woman" for a fine example of the hookah-laden chops still hooked around each of the band's compositional outings. Given the band's personal history, rife with small shows and Hookahville festivals alike, every chance to be a part of the fun is a necessary diversion from life out there.

This weekend, the band brings its Hookahville festival to Nelson Ledges. Outlaws I&I and Cornmeal share the bill.

Tickets are $70 in advance, $80 at the gate for passes for the entire weekend.

And how about trip backward in time? Here's the band's 1999 set with a great sit-in from Bob Weir. Hey, Bobby — you free this weekend?

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