ODOT Finally Fixed the Really Annoying and Badly Designed East Ninth Entrance Ramp Lane Onto the Innerbelt Bridge


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Anyone who's taken the East 9th Street entrance ramp onto the Innerbelt Bridge heading on I-71 South/I-90 West has probably noticed a minor clusterfuck that resulted from the bridge's original lane plans. The East 9th ramp's lane traversed a long stretch of the bridge, separated from the other lanes by a wide swath, and then abruptly merged with little to no warning.

During rush hour this has led to a reliable, maddening and dangerous bottleneck as drivers in the furthest most right lane fail to yield to merging traffic because it looks like a dedicated lane, while merging traffic, half the time unaware that it is merging, slams on breaks and anxiously tries to get over before the ramp ends. Even during non-peak hours, confusion and last-second swerves abounded.

Well, you'll be happy to know ODOT fixed the issue this week. The East 9th and Ontario ramps were closed Wednesday night. Drivers awoke Thursday morning to find the East 9th ramp no longer ended in a merge but a dedicated lane. Thank Jebus.

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