One Zippy Mascot Costume Found, One Still Missing at University of Akron


  • Photo via Facebook
Zippy the kangaroo went missing earlier this month — or at least two of his costumes were reported missing.

Kristi Reese, manager of executive events at the University of Arkon, contacted all student mascots on May 12 after noticing the furry costumes were gone. As no one knew where they were, she reported them stolen.

Today, thank goodness, one of the missing Zippy costumes was found by a student who claimed to have forgotten to turn it in.

"An individual in the Zippy program who originally believed he did not have one of the costumes realized yesterday he had forgotten to return a costume after performing at an event," Director of Media Relations Dan Minnich told WKYC Channel 3 News.

One more Zippy costume remains at large and is valued at $2500.

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