The Fresh Brewed Tees Guy is Running for Mayor


Fresh Brewed Tees founder and owner Tony Madalone has announced that he will run for Mayor of Cleveland.

The Ohio City resident, originally from Lorain, argues that "a new mindset" is necessary at City Hall.

"For decades in Cleveland," claims Madalone in an introductory letter on, "there has been no strategy for collectively strengthening and growing our community. Our leaders have focused on temporary projects, one-time fixes, and silver bullets. As I watch and listen to our current administration and other candidates, it’s obvious to see the narrative hasn’t changed."

How he intends to change the narrative remains unclear. But on his "Issues" page, Madalone has zeroed in on Education, Economic Development, Transportation and Safety as four policy areas of focus.

In a message to the press, Madalone said that he has "long put the health and well-being of the people of Cleveland first and foremost, working tirelessly to bring jobs and opportunities to the community he loves."

Madalone will officially announce his candidacy at 2 p.m. at his campaign headquarters (5601 Broadway Avenue). The event is open to the public,

In other news: This year, Madalone licensed his "Defend the Land" trademark to the Cleveland Cavaliers for their playoff run.

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