Wild Turkeys are 'Terrorizing' Huron Residents


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It's currently wild turkey hunting season in Northeast Ohio, and it appears some of the birds are trying to turn the tables by terrorizing the community of Huron. In the last month, local police have received three calls complaining about turkeys running wild in the town.

"There are three or four turkeys that have taken up a residence in a wooded area of the city,” Huron police Chief Robert Lippert told the Sandusky Register.

One Huron resident even tried to retaliate by shooting at a turkey with an arrow, but, naturally, the huge bird survived the encounter. But Lippert assured the community not to worry about the turkeys' presence saying:
"If people encounter the turkeys where they feel threatened, they can call the police. They are aggressive in the sense that they don’t want to be bothered. I have a feeling someone is feeding them and making them feel comfortable. But they are wild animals, and you shouldn't be feeding wild animals. They are a nuisance. Other than them pecking at you, they can’t seriously injure somebody.”
Local authorities are working with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife to solve the turkey situation by trapping and relocating the wild birds. Spring wild turkey hunting season ends May 28.


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