Ohio Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against East Cleveland Dump Owners to Recoup Clean-Up Costs


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has sued the owners of Arco Recycling in East Cleveland — the Noble Road dump — in an effort to recoup the $6-million Ohio EPA clean-up costs.

While the clean-up process will begin later this summer and the budget line item is expected to sail smoothly through the legislature, taxpayers and news media commenters pointed out last week that the state should not be solely footing the bill for this work. This lawsuit will put Arco in the sight-lines of the court system as the dump is cleared away, as James McCarty reports today. If Arco remains in non-compliance (as the company has in the past), a tiered system of daily fines will kick in.

This is the second marquee lawsuit DeWine has spearheaded in as many weeks.

Read our Noble Road feature from earlier this year to get the full story on the past few years' of health hazard complaints in East Cleveland.

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