Lakewood Police Respond to Mom's Lawsuit Against Officer Who Broke Her Daughter's Jaw


  • Screenshot of Lakewood Library Camera Footage
Earlier this week, Lakewood mom Sabrina Robinson filed a lawsuit against the city and Madison Branch library due to a police officer's alleged abuse of her teenage daughter there last year. Now, the Lakewood police have released a statement regarding the lawsuit against Officer Kevin Jones, who allegedly broke the girl's jaw after he says she refused to leave the premises.

Read about the whole incident right here.

"We believe that the officer and the girl tripped, causing the injury. We also believe that the incident was not handled properly by Officer Jones," Lakewood Police Chief Timothy Malley said in an issued statement. "When employees act outside of their training and responsibilities, they are held accountable."

After the Nov. 7 incident, police officials concluded that Jones used excessive force on the girl, didn't use his body camera correctly and, worst of all, "brought discredit to the police force."

While Jones is still a member of the Lakewood Police Department, he was punished for the incident — serving a 40-hour suspension in December, along with undergoing deescalation training. He is no longer allowed to work off-duty library security.

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