Fireworks Mishap Leaves Lakewood Man Injured, Leg 'Shredded'


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Fireworks on display in Lakewood yesterday. - PHOTO VIA AVGERO/INSTAGRAM
  • Photo via avgero/Instagram
  • Fireworks on display in Lakewood yesterday.
It's not really the Fourth of July unless you're falling asleep to the deafening sound of your neighbor's ambiguously legal fireworks booming overhead.

And as annoying as that can be, it's easy to forget that fireworks are not just glorious manifestations of freedom but serious pyrotechnics that are largely banned in Ohio.

Yesterday night gave us an example of why that might be, when a 49-year-old Lakewood resident suffered leg and hand injuries from a fireworks accident. A caller told a 911 dispatcher that the situation was "definitely an emergency," and said the man's legs were "shredded."

Kate Ryback, who witnessed the incident from across the street with her family, told the Lakewood Patch that they'd never seen such a large explosion before.

"We covered our heads with our hands, and then we saw a flame," said Ryback. "It wasn't going up. It looked like it was coming right at us."

The Rybacks retreated from the scene, and someone approached them and requested that they call 911. Ryback said her husband, who returned to where the injured man was, initially assumed he was dead.

However, the man was taken to MetroHealth Hospital and is currently in stable condition.

You can listen to the full 911 call right here.


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