Several Clevelanders Make Cameos in Sweet Apple’s New Music Video


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The new music video for the Sweet Apple tune “World I’m Gonna Leave You” features vocals by Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age) and Robert Pollard (Guided by Voices).

The first of four music videos for the band’s new album, Sing theNight in Sorrow, the video focuses on a man who suffers from "the-devil-is-on-my-tracks paranoia" (played by Sweet Apple bassist Dave Sweetapple).

The other members of Sweet Apple, including guitarist/drummer J Mascis, guitarist Tim Parnin and singer John Petkovic also appear in the video. Parnin and Petkovic live in Cleveland.

The video includes 11 other passengers and “an undetermined number of ghosts.” The shooting took place in an old train “graveyard” in Cleveland, and other Clevelanders who appear in the video include Elizabeth Flood, who plays an attendant, and train passengers Matheus Venancio Holon Areas, Laura DeMarco, Brittany Huda, David James, Tom Jarmusch, Maria Petkovic, David Petrovich, Alexia Urs, Carol Schumacher Yachanin and Joe Yachanin.

The album, which makes the most of "insurgent guitars, glitter-stomp and orchestrated pop, at once timeless and contemporary," comes out tomorrow on Tee Pee Records.


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