A 7-Year-Old Girl With a Bionic Hand Wants to Throw a First Pitch at Every MLB Stadium and the Indians Are Totally Down


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  • KITV, YouTube

Most things are bad; this is not one of those things. (Probably because it involves baseball.)

Seven-year-old Hailey Dawson was born with a congenital disease that left her missing three fingers on one hand. With the help of engineering students at the University of Nevada-Los Vegas, she now sports a wicked-cool robot hand that she can control by flicking her wrist, which in turn pulls a set of fishing lines connected to the fingers.

Hailey also loves baseball. She threw out a first pitch at an UNLV game and afterward decided she wanted to throw out a first pitch at every MLB stadium. Bleacher Report did a video report on the Hailey and her mission this week that has quickly gone viral and drawn promised invitations from a ton of teams, including the Indians of course.
Judging by Twitter replies, Hailey and her family are going to have a busy and well-traveled 2018.


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