Ohio Parents Are Giving Their Kids the Most Obvious (and Old) Names Right Now


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What once was old is hot again.

As seen on the 2016 top baby names list, released by the U.S Social Security Administration, many parents across the country are not only naming their kids similarly, they're into a lot of old-ass names.

As the map below shows, the most common male baby names are either Liam (as it is in Ohio), Noah, Oliver or William. Wyoming at least went out of the norm with Wyatt.
Here are the Top 5 baby names Ohio parents bestowed in 2016:
Emma 676
Ava 666
Olivia 655
Charlotte 541
Harper 527


Liam 689
Noah 607
Carter 577
William 568
Mason 540

See the Top 100 Ohio baby names for females and males right here. And check out the whole state-by-state list here.

It's important to note that not all parents are rolling with the popular names trend. More American parents are selecting unique baby names than ever. For example, a whopping 40 percent of baby boys were slapped with one of the Top 10 names in the 1880s, but by 2007, that percentage had moved to just under 10.

So as the baby name trends continue to run old and less obvious, we're excited to see names like Hildegard, Bertha and Elmer get their due soon.

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