Cleveland Division of Police Forms Task Force for Unsolved Homicides


Police Chief Calvin Williams and Mayor Frank Jackson announced today the formation of a task force that will dig into unsolved homicides.

The task force will investigate cold cases throughout the entire county. The Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office and the FBI will both participate in the task force, as well. (Cleveland police officers will be deputized by the sheriff to operate outside of their city jurisdiction when needed.)

"Solving these unresolved cases will bring closure to countless family members and loved ones,” Williams said in a public statement. During a press conference, Williams explained that Cleveland looked to other police department's unsolved homicide processes for professional inspiration.

It's an idea that came up throughout the mayoral campaign this summer, with ousted candidate Jeff Johnson vocally pushing for a solution to unsolved homicides in the city.

The police department did not present a list of unsolved cases, but Crime Stoppers has organized a database for years.

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