Nexus Pipeline Receives State Water-Quality Certificate in Incremental March Toward Construction


Inching along the piecemeal approval process, the Nexus pipeline won an Ohio EPA water quality certificate this week. It's not a huge surprise to observers, but it's another step closer to pipeline reality after the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission greenlit the project last month.

The certification process assesses how the pipeline construction and operation will affect Ohio's water condition w/r/t public health. "Although the project may result in a change from current water quality conditions," the Ohio EPA states, "the changes cannot violate Ohio’s water quality standards that protect human health and the environment."

Those living along the Nexus pipeline path have been watching the certification process closely.

“This is something controlled at the state level,” CoRN member Paul Gierosky told the Chronicle Telegram. “We’ve had no support from our governor on this. We expected this outcome.”

Meanwhile, legal action against the pipeline ownership and FERC itself continues apace.

Bear in mind, too, that the Ohio EPA granted this same certificate to the Rover pipeline earlier this year. Construction on that project has been a disaster by any objective standard, and the company has yet to pay its more than $2 million in fines for its massive drilling fluid spills in northern Ohio.

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