The Linndale Speed Trap Got Its Own 'This American Life' Episode


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We all know about Linndale, the I-71 speed trap otherwise known as a small Cuyahoga County village with, like, eight streets. Now, This American Life listeners have been treated to the horrorscape that we've driven through for decades.

It's a 440-yard stretch of freeway with a degree of policing unmatched anywhere else in the state. Perfect fodder for TAL.

"If you ask people who live in the Cleveland area, Linndale is basically a speed trap masquerading as a town," producer Sean Cole says.


Listen here.

The heart of the episode, of course, is more about the macro-level look at what Linndale represents — and what sort of political context we can draw from the ongoing Statehouse battle over its existence.

"Linndale has always been the burr up somebody's ass, ever since I can remember," former Linndale mayor Mike Toczek says.


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