Browns Receiver Kenny Britt Really Hates London


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“I hated London, hated it,” receiver Kenny Britt said, according to ESPN. It's possible that he was just talking to himself in the locker room, long after his teammates had left for the day. He was reportedly struck by a sudden flashback of playing in London with the Rams last year, which he hated.

“I hated it with a passion," he said to himself, probably. “I hated everything about it."

"I hated the flight. I hated us being there so long. I hated the flight back. I hated the food."

“You can ask my wife the same thing, and she’ll give you the same answer.”

“Will I get out?”

"No, I won’t get out. When I leave the country I don't leave the resort anyway."

"Last time my wife and daughter actually took a trip to Paris."

“Had a worse time there. It’s a long story, but it was all bad.”

The Browns play the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday in London, which Kenny Britt hates. Kickoff is 9:30 a.m., Cleveland time.


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