Westlake "Prowler" Was Actually Just a Lost Painter



Westlake police earlier this week announced they were looking for a suspected prowler. The man, dressed in a white hoodie, was caught on video outside a West Essig Lane home trying the handle on the front door and looking in a window.

There was no break-in, and nothing was damaged or stolen, and there's a very good reason for that.

The man was a painter who had a job that morning at a house a few doors down from the one he mistakenly arrived at. Whoops. At least his mug wasn't widely disseminated with a video titled "Westlake prowler."

Anyway, Westlake police captain and reliable good quote Guy Turner quipped, β€œHe might now be the most recognized Northeast Ohio painter since Archibald Willard.”

For those of you who missed a class or two in Art History 101, Willard was born and raised in Bedford. You've probably seen his most famous work β€” The Spirit of '76 β€” even if you didn't know the artist's name or Cleveland connection.

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