The Cavs Took the NYC Subway Today and Not Everyone Was Pleased


Proving that NBA players are just like everyday people, the Cavaliers basketball team chose to ride the New York City subway earlier today, heading back to their hotel after a morning shootaround at Madison Square Garden.
But the passenger sitting next to LeBron James wasn't exactly excited to be filmed by strangers for social media.
For The Win actually tracked down James' temporary seatmate, and the man claimed he didn't recognize any of the athletes on the train (although their hoodies all read 'Cleveland').

“To be honest with you, they got on and they completely squished me and he was really unaware of his space,” said self-described tennis fan James Michael Angelo.

The Cavs take on the New York Knicks tonight at 7:30 p.m.

No word on if the team will continue to take the subway while in New York.

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