'Love Actually,' Playing at Cedar Lee Next Week, Proves Love is Still All Around


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The Cedar Lee Theatre is bringing Christmas feelings to hands and toes once again in the form of Love Actually.

The schmaltzy romantic comedy, playing on the big screen next Tuesday, tells the tale of eight or so mostly British couples as they dive into ponds, learn to play drums, make creepy wedding videos and fly to Wisconsin, all in the name of love. First released in 2003, Love Actually is full of plot holes and extremely questionable workplace behaviors, but there's something that brings us back to this ridiculous romp every single year — Emma Thompson as a wronged housewife.

Stop it, Emma Thompson, stop it. Every freaking year you make us cry and cry. Joni Mitchell's mellow update of her own song "Both Sides Now" playing in one of Thompson's more affecting scenes doesn't help anything either.

Sure, the film isn't perfect, but the acting is top shelf and its songs are the best kind of cheesy. And as one of the most entertaining holiday releases since the turn of the century, it certainly deserves a place in the Christmas film canon.

Catch the Cedar Lee film screenings at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m., Dec. 17. Chagrin Cinemas is also playing the film the same date and times.

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