Maumee Bay Brewing Co. Brewed Up Some 'Alegae Bloom' Beer to Raise Awareness of Lake Erie Threat


  • Maumee Bay Brewing Co./FB
Maumee Bay Brewing Co. tapped some Alegae Bloom last night in a special event meant to highlight the threat against the health of Lake Erie — the growing algae blooms that have taken down Toledo's water supply in the past.

"This was an extremely experimental batch that won't last beyond [Nov. 30]," the brewery wrote on Facebook yesterday. "But, we will be scaling up to do a larger batch. We'll keep people posted on here."

That Lake Erie/Maumee River color is derived from powdered green tea and kiwi, as the Washington Post reports — which sounds delicious.

The brewery's water source is the same for the rest of the city of Toledo: Lake Erie. And that makes the new ale all the more important to the brewery's cause.

We'll note, too, that Toledo and the Maumee Bay area make for a fine weekend getaway for us Clevelanders. You'd do well to stop in at the brewery for a pint if you pass through anytime soon.

Earlier this year, Maumee Bay brewed "Fake Juice" to attack the president's mindless "fake news" war on the free press.

And, elsewhere, Little Fish Brewing Co., in Athens, brewed a beer last winter called No Frackin' Wayne, which raised awareness of the natural gas drilling auctions in Wayne National Forest.

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