Richard Cordray Joins Ohio Governor's Race


Richard Cordray, the former head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Washington, D.C., entered the Ohio governor's race today. He made the announcement at a diner in Grove City, his hometown.

This development has been bandied about for months, and it will no doubt change the landscape of the Democratic primary. Cordray is a "big name," after all, but that alone does not make a campaign.

Last night, the other four Democratic candidates gathered for a debate in Cleveland. Cordray was not present, of course, as he hadn't yet formally announced his candidacy. The timing there won't be forgotten as this primary race moves forward; the other candidates said as much last night.

"I'll take on all comers at whatever stage," Cordray said this morning, however.

Future debates will help limn the candidates' distinctions and bonafides, and we look forward to seeing how Cordray's arrival shapes the primary race for Democrats.

As a former state treasurer and attorney general, Cordray certainly has a great deal of Ohio state experience on which to draw.

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