L.A. Rapper Teams Up With Local Hero King Chip for New Music Video


  • Courtesy of Jackson Hunter
Los Angeles-based rapper Jackson Hunter has just released a new music video for his track “The Perfectionist.” It features local hero King Chip (formerly Chip Tha Ripper), and the two trade verses in the dynamic video.

“The goal of the video was to showcase the lyrics and their emotions specifically by having all performance shots and no storyline,” says Hunter. “Also, Chip is the reason I have any kind of rhythm or writing ability, so when I found out it was possible to do the video, I wasn't going to stop until it happened. It would be cool if fans of Chip came across the video, and they vibe with what I got going on too. I was telling him how I was bumping [Chip's mixtape] Gift Raps on the way to location, and we have a mutual respect for him. As soon as I told him the idea for the shoot, he was on board. I can't name another hip-hop artist with music that makes you think, laugh and feel as much as Chip.”

Hunter first heard Chip about nine years ago and instantly became a fan.

"I had the opportunity to open for him in 2015 at El Rey Theater in Los Angeles and met his road manager there and gave them my CD," says Hunter. "I received a text message a couple months later and pretty soon the song was a wrap. I appreciate it all so much, and there's nothing but love and admiration for what Chip is doing."

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