During Massive Power Outage, Cleveland Public Power Gets Owned by Reporter Ed Gallek


Yesterday, a fire at the Cleveland Public Power W. 41st Street substation caused a massive power outage on Cleveland's west side. In a press release, the city estimated that roughly 40,000 customers were without power.

It was, for the record, the day after Christmas and temperatures were dipping into the single digits.

CPP crews completed an "interim repair," which has restored power for the time being. The public utility says it's working to develop a "permanent solution."

Fox 8's Ed Gallek was the first to report the outage, and Tweeted (correctly) that its cause was a fire. He erroneously called the W. 41st Street substation a "power plant."

Cleveland Public Power denied the report.

And picked nits with Gallek's wording.

Other users, naturally pissed at CPP for the outage, noted the spin.

Shortly thereafter, CPP 'fessed up.

Ed Gallek emerged triumphant.

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