LeBron on Browns Parade: 'How ’Bout They Just Boycott a Season Until Y’all Win Two Games In a Row?'


  • Photo by Sam Allard
A handful of Browns players, like Emmanuel Ogbah and Christian Kirksey, chimed in on last weekend's Perfect Season parade. Predictably, they weren't pleased with fans throwing a procession for the winless season. (They also probably could have kept those thoughts to themselves.)

Anyway, the more important thing here is that the most prominent Cleveland athlete had some thoughts as well and he didn't agree with those Browns players.

After the Cavaliers win over the Orlando Magic on Saturday night, LeBron was asked about the parade by Jason Lloyd of the Athletic. Lloyd tweeted out a snippet of LeBron's thoughts (there's more from the conversation available for subscribers to the Athletic).

The older LeBron gets, the more sympathetic he seems to become to the plight of the Cleveland sports fan.

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