Bigmouth Donuts Opens at Hub 55 This Saturday


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  • Courtesy Bigmouth

Good news, donut fans: Bigmouth Donuts will open its doors at Hub 55 this Saturday morning at 10 a.m.

The shop, which also houses the production facility that'll supply Bigmouth's Hingetown location when it opens, joins Goldhorn Brewery and Sterle's Slovenian House in the mixed-use facility owned by Rick Semersky.

Partners Courtney Bonning and Kelly Brewer always figured that, with the small footprint of the Hingetown location, clocking in at a scant 650 square feet, they'd need to find another space if the expansion they envisioned would be feasible.

“We could have built a production kitchen [in Ohio City], but in the end we would have been stumbling all over ourselves and would have regretted that we couldn’t do everything we wanted from a production standpoint,” Bonning told us when plans were announced. “Part of our business plan was always to scale up and have multiple locations around the greater Cleveland area, so it was always part of the plan to put in a larger kitchen somewhere. We just ended up scaling up way sooner than we had anticipated.”


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