Trevor Bauer Went to P.F. Chang's, Was Told He Had Same Name as Indians Pitcher


Big local news here, folks:

Drone pilot-slash-Tribe starting pitcher Trevor Bauer was grabbing a bite at P.F. Chang's yesterday when he was told that he had the same name as an Indians pitcher. (This is funny because he actually is an Indians starting pitcher.)

Bauer reported the interaction himself:

Hardy har har, Trev. Hardy har har. 

Later that night, the P.F. Chang's dude responded.

And P.F. Chang's ducked its corporate-social-media head in as well.

We hope TRA$HKING does indeed make it out May 19. It'll be a terrific series.

We're also still desperately hoping to hear from the couple who MAY OR MAY NOT have had actual sexual intercourse in the bleachers two years ago. Let us share your story with the world.

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