McDonald's Manager Allegedly Shot at Cleveland Drive-Thru Customers


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All they wanted was a McDonald's smoothie, but Wednesday morning three women also got some bullets with their to-go order.

According to a Cleveland police report, the women ordered the drink at a South Collinwood McDonald's drive-thru around 2:30 a.m. When they went to pull away, the woman in the back cracked open a water bottle, which spilled into the car and toward the restaurant window. The manager allegedly shouted something rude and that's when they heard two shots fired at the car.

Once out of danger, they called police.

Officers did question the manager Mark Fort and another employee working at that time. They both said they didn't recall such an incident. Authorities did later discover a bullet hole in the car the women were driving.

Now an arrest warrant for the 52-year-old manager has been issued, reported. He has yet to be brought into custody.

Ohio naturally has no shortage of strange McDonald's-related stories. And we've reported some real doozies:

- In 2011, a naked Ohio man was arrested after masturbating while driving, showing a woman at a McDonald's his stuff and also leading cops on a chase.

-Last year, a man pulled out agun after a Warren McDonald's ran out of Egg McMuffins. It was later clarified the spot ran out of steak bagels.

-In 2013, an intoxicated Hinkley man lead police on a car chase because, as he later told officers, he wanted to finish his Big Mac.

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