New Concealed Carry Licenses Down in Cuyahoga County, Across State in 2017


  • Photo via Wikimedia
The number of concealed carry licenses issued in Ohio in 2017 is down from the previous year, a newly-released report from the Ohio Attorney General's Office reveals. According to the report, Ohio county sheriffs issued 77,281 concealed carry licenses in 2017 compared to the 117,953 licenses issued in 2016.

These new stats come at a contentious time for gun ownership in this country, as gun control supporters across the country get ready to lead the March For Our Lives, which includes a Cleveland rally on March 24 at Public Square.

The report also mentions that 1,699 licenses were suspended and 437 were revoked. Suspensions occur immediately in the event that the gun owner is arrested, charged with certain offenses or made the subject of a court-issued protection order. Circumstances leading to revocation could include the owner moving out of state, being deemed unfit to carry a gun under the law or death.

In Cuyahoga County, 895 new licenses were issued while 1,268 were renewed. Additionally, 56 licenses were suspended or revoked and 48 applications were denied.

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