Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Debuts Lulu the Baby Rhino and She's Too Cute To Handle


  • Photo Courtesy of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Prepare for an overload of cutness. Thanks to the unusually warm weather, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo finally debuted Lulu the baby rhino for public view. This painfully adorable rhino was born in February, but was being kept out of the public eye to bond with her mother.

According to the zoo, eastern black rhinos are considered critically endangered with less than 750 remaining worldwide. Lulu is the daughter of mama rhino Kibibbi, and was given her name after the zoo held a baby calf naming contest for donors. The winner was chosen based on the name receiving the most donations for the Zoo's Future for Wildlife Fund. Lulu received more than $1,200 in donations — nearly half of what was raised for the entire contest.

Lulu is the zoo's sixth eastern black rhino, but she's due to be joined by another this fall.

Guests can visit Lulu at the zoo's African Savanna, and you can lose your mind watching this precious lil' baby explore her new home by checking out the video below:

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