It's Going to Snow on Tuesday Because It's Cleveland


  • Erik Drost, Flickr CC

Hopefully your winter coats haven't been put away just yet, because there's a good chance parts of Cleveland are going to see some snow tomorrow. Thanks to friendly neighborhood climate change, the jet stream is taking a rapid shift, temperatures dropped to the 30s and 40s today, quickly destroying the gorgeous 70-degree weather we were gifted on Friday.

The scattered rain we're currently experiencing will turn into snow, because Mother Nature has a hit list and Cleveland is at the top.

Luckily, it's not going to be cold enough for the snow to stick and the snow will only last in the morning hours. However, Clevelanders should expect everyone to magically forget how to drive on their morning commute the second little white flakes start falling from the sky.

But hey, at least it will be 60 degrees next week ... allegedly.

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