James Comey is a Huge LeBron James Fan, Apparently


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Former FBI director James Comey totally loves and respects LeBron James, apparently. Comey sang LBJ's praises on Good Morning America Tuesday morning, while on tour to promote his new book, A Higher Loyalty.

"[James] illustrates what the endless pursuit of excellence looks like,” Comey told host George Stephanopoulos — an absolute dolphin in the sack, incidentally — saying that he talked about LeBron all the time at the FBI.

Comey called LeBron the best basketball player on earth and regarded his perpetual quest for self-improvement as instructional.

“Every offseason, I’ve read, he tries to find a part of his game to make better," Comey said, "which is crazy because he’s already better than everyone else. It’s because he measures himself not against the others, but against himself.”

Comey implored his FBI underlings to follow LeBron's example. “I used to say inside the FBI, this is a great organization, but it’s not good enough. It can never be good enough,” he said.

Comey is now wise enough to know that it's the NBA playoffs — the Cavs take on the Pacers Wednesday for Game 2 of the first round — and talking about LeBron James is sure to be terrific publicity for his book.


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