Rachel Crooks, Who's Accused Trump of Sexual Misconduct, Just Won An Ohio Democratic Primary


  • Courtesy of Rachel Crooks for Ohio

Rachel Crooks was working as a receptionist for the real estate company Bayrock Group in Manhattan's Trump Tower in 2005 when she claims she encountered Donald Trump by an elevator in the building. The two shook hands and he allegedly refused to let go, beginning to kiss her on the cheek and mouth. The New York Times published a full interview of her accusations, "It was so inappropriate," Crooks recalled. "I was so upset that he thought I was so insignificant that he could do that."

Horrified that a man like this could be elected to the most powerful position in the United States, Crooks ran for the Democratic nomination for Ohio's 88th district, in the Sandusky area. Crooks ran unopposed for the nomination, and will go head-to-head against incumbent representative and Assistant Majority Whip, Bill Reineke.

Crooks is one of at least 19 women to accuse President Trump of sexual misconduct. As per usual, Trump vehemently denied these accusations on Twitter.

Crooks would later reply to Trump by announcing her run for office.

Crooks has a tough battle ahead of her if she wants to dethrone Rep. Reinke, but her ability and willingness to speak against the most powerful man in the world is pretty inspiring.

For more information on Rachel Crooks, check out her campaign video below.

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