More Americans Are Rooting For the Cavs Than You Think, According to Twitter Data


It may feel like Cleveland is its own island, like, as the T-shirt says, it's us against the world. However, at least according to a new set of Twitter data, more states are rooting for the Cleveland Cavaliers to do well in the NBA Conference Finals than any of the other three teams (see map above).

The sports betting site found the information by geotagging more than 500,000 tweets, which looked for each team's primary fan hashtags.

Here's that breakdown of those hashtags:




According to the data, the Cavs garnered a little more than 241,000 positive tweets during the recent NBA Conference Finals, much larger than the Warriors' near-76,000 overall. But it's still somewhat surprising, at least to us at Scene, that more states aren't all in on the Warriors, because who doesn't like a winner?

Ryan Taylor, a promotions associate for the sports betting site (who lives in Indiana and claims he even rooted for the Cavs during the Pacers series), tells Scene that the data can be attributed 100 perfect to the "LeBron James effect."

"The Warriors have become 'villains' of sorts since Kevin Durant joined their team, as many sports fans feel they basically created an unstoppable all-star team and made the NBA far less competitive," Taylor says. "A couple years ago [this data] would have showed a different story."

As far as the rest of the map is concerned, it makes sense that the Celtics have all the love in the Northeast, but who knows what the team's attraction is for  Alaska, North Dakota and Nebraska. Meanwhile Rockets loyalty is only found in the state of Texas. Sorry, James Harden. 

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