Stella's Music Club, Another New Concert Venue, to Officially Open on August 11


Cleveland’s continually expanding club scene will add one more venue this month when Stella’s Music Club opens on August 11 (the club, however, lists a show happening tonight on its calendar).

Located at 2217 East 9th Street, directly across from Progressive Field, the place aims to cater to the discriminating fan and band.

“We built the ultimate backline of sound this summer with the help of Cleveland’s talented sound engineers. This reimagined venue and easy to access location will be part of the new backdrop to Cleveland’s historical music scene,” says co-founder Christopher Barone, who worked with business partners Megan Savransky and Michael Zweig to bring the concept to fruition, in a press release. “As a drummer in two working bands, I understand what musicians want in a music club, and I intend to deliver an unparalleled gig experience to each and every band and musician that joins us."

Located in what was formerly Cooperstown, the club will feature a a new Behringer sound system and high-end gear from manufacturers like Marshall, Fender, Mesa Boogie, Orange, Aguilar, Ampeg, Ludwig and Zildjian.

“These are names that professional musicians recognize and are comfortable with using. We wanted a place where performers could show up with their guitars and a pair of drumsticks, sit down, plug in, and sound better than they ever have before,” Zweig says.

The club will encourage bands to use its backline to meet its expectations for “continuous entertainment" and minimize the time between sets.

“Bring it on, this is Cleveland, the place where rock ‘n’ roll got its name,” says Zweig. “Get ready to have an experience like you’ve never had before.”

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